Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's scary to admit something's wrong

So many of us think that if we can just free up capitalism from even more of the regulations and hindrances made by "government", the free markets will quickly liberate us from our economic woes.

Unfortunately, this is part of the fraud of "deregulated capitalism" - the more it is deregulated, the greater the wealth concentration by those who control the capital, the greater the inequality, the more frequent the crises and job losses, and the lower the real wages for everyone else.

Not to mention the continued destruction of our environment and the geopolitical instability and oppression that results.

This reality is incredibly threatening to so many since faith in free markets is all we have known. To admit its faults is scary - we fear a slippery slope to government take-over of everything, and so we blindly and dutifully defend the status quo.

There's a marvelous alternative if we'll just take the time to set aside our ideology and seek it out. Imagine what it could look like.