Friday, October 24, 2014

National high speed rail network coming to USA!

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet team up to invest their billions in a new high speed electric rail system linking all major US cities. The project will transform US public transportation, dramatically reducing air travel while cutting carbon emissions and helping transition the nation to a more sustainable energy future. The project will be built in phases and is expected to be completed by 2030. 

Exciting, isn't it? Could these three storied entrepreneurs and investors pull it off? 

Okay, the story is totally fabricated, but we have something so much better than three billionaires at our disposal. We have a sovereign currency and a nation of incredible resources, engineers, and skilled labor - all ready to be deployed if we'd simply direct them to do it. Why would we get so excited about entrepreneurs tackling a project like this and then be disappointed that it would take our government resources to pull it off? In fact, a project of this scale can probably only be accomplished with federal backing, and can be made affordable to all by injecting the funds to build and operate it into the economy. Why would we want to burden our states and cities with this bill when they have to tax and borrow to fund it. These are exactly the kinds of initiatives for which we created our sovereign currency!

Why have we forgotten that we don't have to wait for Silicon Valley or the Oracle of Omaha to take bold steps forward that are in our collective interests? We used to think this way as a nation. We built a national highway infrastructure that powered an economy that was the envy of the world. We put men on the moon and invented groundbreaking new technologies that transformed society. We placed satellites into orbit and provided weather data, cosmological discoveries, and GPS services that now resides in the pockets of consumers worldwide. We did this not by waiting for private funds to be saved up in order to afford these investments. Rather, we took the initiative knowing that as a sovereign nation with vast real resources, we had the ability to issue our currency to marshal resources to tackle big problems and build big dreams.

It's time we began to dream again. We have the money. We have the resources. We have the people. We just need the vision, the hope, and the belief in ourselves that we can do good together.

It's time to do good together. 

Image source from USHSR

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