Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Living in Fearguson or Hopeville

What we do in response to fear, is very often worse than the things we fear themselves, which are all too often phantoms of our minds and media. 

In economic terms, our response to the fear of inflation causes us to destroy jobs and with it, human lives.

Our response to the fear of deficits causes us to cut off the hand that feeds us, hurting the poor the most and ruining our future by cutting back on investment. 

Our response to the fear of tyrannical government leads to the dismantling of essential protections and regulations that reign in private sector abuses and hazards.

Our response to the fear of enemies, domestic and foreign, leads to an increasing police state and global militarized presence, often with first-strike intent, often breeding more violence.

Hope has no room for fear. 

Hope in people. Hope in the poor. Hope in the youth. Hope in rejuvenated neighborhoods. Hope in cities. Hope in governments. Hope in businesses. 

Hope in ourselves. 

Hope acts. Hope builds. Hope has vision. Hope grows. Hope restores and rejuvenates. Hope respects. Hope honors. Hope includes. Hope invests. 

Hope always wins.